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Sea lions and turtles and whales, oh my!

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 images of marine animals

Whalenet is an interdisciplinary organization that connects scientific research with students and educators at all levels. Located in Boston, Massachusetts, Whalenet is sponsored by Wheelock College and funded by the National Science Foundation and provides information, activities, and data to teachers, students and research groups. Signals is collaborating with Whalenet to promote the use of satellite transmitters in marine wildlife research.

One major project of Whalenet is the satellite tracking of Harbor Porpoises, Loggerhead Turtles, Hooded Seals and Northern Right Whales, as it coordinates S.T.O.P., the Satellite Tagging Observation Program. Whalenet's website shows maps and data from previous satellite tagging studies as well as a catalogue of Humpback Whales that give photographs and sighting information on the Humpbacks.

This spring, Whalenet, courtesy of Dr. Michael Williamson, is supplying Signals of Spring with satellite tag data on marine animals.

Click here for Gray Seal Maps and Data.

Click here for Harbor Seal Maps and Data.

Click here for Harp Seal Maps and Data.
Click here for Harbor Porpoise Maps and Data.

Click here for Hooded Seal Maps and Data.