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Learning about animal movements sure inspires some amazing writing. There were approximately 200 poem entries this season! From flight to conservation, food finding to rehabilitation, Signals poets from across the country tackled a variety of topics related to this spring's migration. With so many great entries, the judges' decisions were tough!

Congratulations to all of the 2007 winners - including honorable mentions for each participating school. The first, second and third place poems are featured below.

certificate 1st Prize - High School (tie)
Heidi L.
Jack Weaver School
Murrieta , CA
Mrs. V. Langworthy, Teacher


My soul belongs with them.
Swooping and soaring along with theirs souls.
Looking down and seeing a different perspective.
Feeling free, instead of imprisoned.
My soul joins in their pride of renewal,
Fight and victory.
The courage to survive is in my soul,
Blood, mind and bones.
My brethren filled my dying heart with
Life and vitality.
They are my life's hope.
My symbol of all that I believe in has won.
No longer will they die as the hunted but the honored.
The Eagles stand for a free America,
A nation reunited over time and time again.
They represent and are a witness to man's desire to be better through the centuries.
They represent the will of children who wanted to give up.
Who struggled to exist in a world they were not wanted in.
The Eagles are the symbols of our success.
They always will be.

certificate 1st Prize - Middle School (tie)
Ari B.
Nikiski Middle High School
Nikiski , AK
Ms. J. Dowd, Teacher


...Circling endlessly,
always watching
Hiding skillfully,
eyes glinting

Glimpse caught,
talons flexing
Danger coming.
Panic overriding

Savage eyes tracking.
Anticipation rising
Fear rising,
life flashing

Wings closing,
suddenly diving
Desperation showing
Hope fleeting

Talons stretching
Beak clashing
Cover seen
Hope renewing

Prey escaping
Hunger becoming
Safety found
Fear receding...

certificate 3rd prize - Middle School
Maddie R.
Nikiski Middle High School
Nikiski , AK
Ms. J. Dowd, Teacher

Sympathy for the Caribou

Trudging on,
A long, long way,
Trying to keep both the hunger and mosquitoes,
At bay.
You walk for miles, and miles just to breed,
Stopping only occasionally to feed,
Oh caribou, how I weep for you.

Through the long trek,
Many won't survive,
Miraculously you continue to thrive.
The wind is cold,
The humans hunting you are bold,
Life itself is a fight,
All through the day,
And well into the night.

After getting to their final destination,
They get ready to put on their final presentation.
Their calves are born,
Always without a single horn.

After the calves are born,
You start heading back looking forlorn,
Caribou I envy your strength,
To travel that length,
You caribou,
Are truly amazing!

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