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Research Links

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Sea Surface Research Links

Sea Surface Temperature Research Link Categories:

Atlantic Blue Fin Tuna
El Nino
False Killer Whale
Marine Sanctuaries
Pink-footed Shearwater
Ringed Seal
Satellite Tracking Links
Sea Surface Temperature
Sooty Shearwater
Click here for Sea Surface Temperature Imagery!          Click here for the El Nino Interactive Map!          Click here for the SST Anomaly Interactive Map!

Click here for the California Sea Lion Map!          Click here for the El Nino Animation!          Click here for the Coral Bleaching Interactive Map!

   Quick Map Search from National Geographic
Type in a location and get a huge list of maps you can zoom in on.

Atlantic Blue Fin Tuna

   TOPP - Blue Fin Tuna
Information and a map of Blue Fin Tuna on the TOPP (Tagging of Pacific Predators) website.

El Nino

   Data in the Classroom
El Niño People blame El Niño for all kinds of abnormal weather. But how does El Niño really work?

False Killer Whale

   Cascadia Research - Key facts and status of Hawaiian False Killer Whales (Dec 2010)
Describes threats to the population of Hawaiian insular false killer whales that have lead to their decline.


   Distance Between 2 Points
If you have two lat/long points, you can get the distance between them!
   GOOGLE Maps!
Look anywhere in the world! Look at your house, or animal habitats from the air! This simple to use interface is exceptional, flexible and free. Click on "Satellite" on the top right. Click ZOOM-IN with the tool on th etop left of the imagery. YOU CAN ENTER LATITUDE-LONGTITUDE coordinates to see a habitat (i.e 74.5N 93.4W). YOU CAN ENTER a town name...TRY IT!

Marine Sanctuaries

   National Marine Sanctuaries 2008 Accomplishments Report
This is a really cool 2-minute animation on ocean action and a way to participate in the drive to "sea" change.

Pink-footed Shearwater

   ARKive - Images of Life On Earth - Pink-footed Shearwater
Fact sheet including information on range, habitat, and more.
   BirdWeb - Pink-footed Shearwater
Fact sheet including range maps for Pink-footed Shearwater.

Ringed Seal

   Seal Conservation Society - Ringed Seal
History and status of seals, lifestyle, statistics, and birth information.

Satellite Tracking Links

   How Satellite Tagging Works
WhaleNet Link show how tags are used on marine animals; the information can also be applied to birds.
   Satellite Telemetry
This site explains (and shows pictures of) how satellite telemetry and animal tracking works.

Sea Surface Temperature

   Gulf Stream - A River in the Ocean
Origin of the Gulf Stream
   Gulf Stream History
Background on the Gulf Stream is useful information about currents and the ocean.
   National Oceanographic Partnership Program - Focus on Currents
Click on specific regions to learn more about certain currents.
   Ocean Currents
Information about how and why ocean currents are created and their circulation patterns.
   Sea Surface background
Read about several different types of information about the surface of the ocean.
   SST Archive
Use this link to look at past SST imagery. This will help you with your expert research.
   SST Basics
This site is a great starting point for SST experts. It gives information about sea surface temperature, satellite remote sensing, and creating false color imagery. Click on the links at the bottom of the page to find out more!
   Understanding Our Planet
Learn more about SST and how it is measured.

Sooty Shearwater

   ARKive - Images of Life on Earth - Sooty Shearwater
Information about Sooty Shearwater including range, habitat, and more.


   ARGOS Satellite Tracking -How Does it Work?
ARGOS Satellite System is illustrated and described to show how the animal transmits its radio signal
   Global Topography and Bathymetry
View a topography or bathymetry map for anywhere in the world. From the pull-down menu, choose a center, and see land and/or oceanic relief.
   Google Image Search
Use this search engine to help you find pictures for your wall display!
   How Far Is It?
Use this calculator to find the distance between two points. Type in either city names or latitude and longitude points, and let the computer do the math.
   Make Maps with a Latitude/Longitude with MapBlast!
Go Register, and under 'Maps/Advanced Search’, Enter latitude/longitude
Click Maps, then Latitude/Longitude (in blue) to enter I
Enter a place name, see a topographic map.


   Weather Calculator
Convert weather calculations from one unit of measure to another

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