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   ARKive -- Sooty Shearwater
Photos of Sooty Shearwater, both in flight and sitting on the sea surface. Two videos, one with calls of the S. Shearwater
   Audubon Society -- Sooty Shearwaters
Good fact sheet with Sooty photo.
   Birdlife International - Sooty Shearwater
Factsheet focuses on range and population, ecology, threats and conservation.
   Birds of New Zealand - 'Titi' Sooty Shearwater
Good color illustrations and fact sheet.
   Cornell Lab - Bird Migration Record (Sooty Shearwater)
Map showing migratory patterns of a breeding pair from their south Pacific colony to the north Pacific feeding ground.
   Monterey Seabirds -- Shearwaters
Photos of different varieties of shearwaters.
   Sooty Shearwater tracking
Show migration routes of 19 Sootys throughout the north and south Pacific Basin. Also shows photo of the tracking tag.
   US Geological Survey -- Sooty Shearwaters
Tips for differentiating Sootys from gulls and other shearwaters.

More Sooty Shearwater Research Links

   ARKive - Images of Life on Earth - Sooty Shearwater
Information about Sooty Shearwater including range, habitat, and more.
   New England Sea Birds
Great Sooty Shearwater photos and identification information.
   Ocean Wanderers
Detailed information may be difficult, but includes nice photos.
   Suite 101-- Sooty Shearwater
This article includes distribution and behavior of the sooty shearwater.
   Titi Birds
In New Zealand, the Sooty Shearwater is also known as the Titi bird. Use this site for helpful life history information about the birds.

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