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   ARKive -- Polar Bear
Videos and photos, bear status, and conservation.
   Busch Gardens Polar Bear Info
Information on all aspects of Polar Bear Lifecycle including longevity and causes of death. Also covers conservation status and research.
   Museum of Zoology -- Animal Diversity Web -- University of Michigan -- Polar Bears
Fact sheet including behavior and conservation status.
   Polar Bears -- Marine Mammal Center
Fact sheet and conservation status.
   Polar Bears -- NOAA expedition links
Short Cam video and inks to Arctic exploration with top of the world map and Arctic exploration scientist's log.
   Polar Bears -- San Diego Zoo
Fact sheet with photos, winter sleep and feeding habits discussed.
   Polar Bears International
Photo and video gallery, conservation, ask the expert, tools for teachers including a game, and an arctic map.

More Polar Bear Research Links

   Defenders of Wildlife - Polar Bear
Includes detailed facts about the Polar Bear.
   IUCN -- Polar Bear Population Map
Click on an area of this interactive map and get a detailed report on current population status. (from: International Union for Conservation of Nature Polar Bear Specialist Group).
   National Geographic -- Crittercam and Wildcam
Live cam from Churchill, Manitoba, Canada and info on polar bear behavior
   NOAA -- Arctic Theme Page -- Polar Bear
Discussion of how climate change is affecting Polar Bear populations.
Find information on habitat, description, and behavior here.
   World Wildlife Fund
Great site including information on habitat, diet, and threats to the species.
   Yahoo - Disney Nature - Earth DVD - Polar Bear Aerials
Shows a Polar Bear swimming beneath the greatly reduced sea ice cover. Illustrates how the melting ice floes can no longer serve as a base for hunting/eating/reproduction/resting.

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