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   Earthtrust - Hawaiian Monk Seals
Biology and natural history plus factors affecting populations.
   Midway Atoll -- Hawaiian Monk Seal
Fact sheet with links to other animals on Midway.
   Museum of Zoology - Animal Diversity Web - University of Michigan -- Monk Seal
Geographic range, habitats, physical description, gestation, birth weight, behavior, food habits, economic importance to humans and conservation status.
   National Geographic -- Monk Seal
Photos and multimedia audio, fact sheet.
   NOAA - Hawaiian Monk Seal
Links to recovery programs, ongoing research, stock status in Marine Mammal Research Program.
   NOAA - Monk Seal Mission Log
2006 NOAA teacher-at-sea mission log for Hawaiian monk seal on Kure Atoll.
   NOAA - Pacific Islands Fisheries Science Center
Information on the Captive Care and Release Research Project for the Hawaiian Monk Seal. Photos (Midway Atoll).
   Photograph of Hawaiian Monk Seal
Close-up picture of a Hawaiian Monk Seal. -- Hawaiian Monk Seal
Covers distribution, status and lifestyle. Great photos.

More Hawaiian Monk Seals Research Links

   Aloha Hawaii-- Monk Seal
Good information about Hawaii's native seal.
   Defenders of Wildlife - Hawaiian Monk Seal
Species fact sheet
   International Fund for Animal Welfare - Hawaiian Monk Seal
Information on life cycle, threats, and conservation of Hawaiian Monk Seals.

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