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   Caribbean Conservation Corporation -- Leatherback Sea Turtles
Teacher resources, coloring pages, online newsletter for kids.
   Leatherback Sea Turtle Photo
Leatherback turtle size comparison to a man.
   Leatherback Turtles -- Studies at Stanford University
Story of the tagging of Leatherback Turtles in order to study their movements and migration patterns.
   NOAA - Leatherback Sea Turtle
Color photos of nests and eggs, species description, and conservations efforts.
   NOAA Helps return 14 Sea Turtles to the Wild
Release and tracking of sea turtles.
   NYS Department of Environmental Conservation-- - Sea Turtles
Fact sheet with colored illustrations depicting differences in shells and heads of sea turtle species.
   Sea Turtle Circular Comparison Chart
World wide distribution, population information and species outlines.
   Sea Turtle Slide Set
Sequential zoological coverage of Sea Turtles.
   Tagging of Pacific Pelagics
Tracking of sea turtles in the Pacific Ocean.

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