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   American Cetacean Society Fact Sheet - Harbor Porpoise
Fact sheet with description of fins and fluke.
   ARKive -- Harbor Porpoise
Videos, photos, status, and conservation.
   Differences between Dolphins and Porpoises
Chart illustrating the differences between dolphins and porpoises.
   Museum of Zoology -- Animal Diversity Web -- University of Michigan -- Harbor Porpoise
Fact sheet, focus on conservation status.
   National Geographic -- Harbor Porpoise
Photos and multimedia with audio.
   NOAA -- Harbor Porpoise
Fact sheet with good links to other websites.
   YouTube video -- Harbor Porpoise
Video of porpoise breathing at the surface.

More Harbor Porpoise Research Links

   Harbor Porpoise Information Page
Lots of background including photos, videos, and tracking information.
   Harbor Porpoise on the Move!
Has a great video of a harbor porpoise in action.
   Hebridean Whale and Dolphin Trust - Harbor Porpoise
Detailed physical description, habitat, distribution, behavior, food and conservation status.
   Ocean Conservancy Harbor Porpoise
Contains general information about harbor porpoises as well as threats to them, and how you can help!

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