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   ARKive -- California Sea Lion
Photographs, in and out of water. Photo of Pier 39.
   California Sea Lions -- Audio Recordings
Sound recordings of Sea Lions
   California Sea Lions -- Marine Mammal Center
Premier Pacific coast site for rescue and rehabilitation of sea mammals.
   Museum of Zoology -- Animal Diversity Web -- University of Michigan -- California Sea Lion
Long fact sheet.
   NOAA -- California Sea Lion
Video of sea lions.
   Ocean Oasis Field Guide -- California Sea Lions
Fact sheet, but with one click can be turned into Spanish.
   Office of Naval Research -- California Sea Lion
Fact sheet with photos, current sea lion research, and a teacher's corner.
   Pier 39 Restaurant Cam -- San Francisco
Live video of sea lions on Pier 39 in San Francisco. -- California Sea Lion
Covers distribution and numbers, status and lifestyle. Great photos.
   San Diego Zoo -- Animal Bytes
Has a guided photo show of physiology. Links to related animals and subjects.
   Sea World for Teachers K-3 -- California Sea Lion
Drawings showing differences in seals and sea lions. Teacher aids, vocabulary list.

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