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   Antarctic Connection
Fact sheets for all penguins and daily news updates on Antarctica.
   Ask-a-Researcher -- Penguins
Real questions from students tell us everything about penguins.
   Australian Antarctic Divisiion -- Adelei Penguin Research
Fact sheet, Antarctic range map,Satellite tracking, and Automated Penguin Monitoring System (APMS).
   BBC Science & Nature -- Penguins
Fact sheet with statistics.
   Busch Gardens Penguin Info
Overview of all penguin species. Physical characteristics section highlights coloration differences between species with photos.
   Landcare Research/Manaaki Whenua (New Zealand) - Adelie Penguin
Sounds of Adelie penguin individuals and whole colonies.
   National Geographic Penguins
Video of breeding, egg hatchin, raising and feeding the chicks.
   Penguin Science
How giant icebergs, disappearing sea ice, and shifting weather patterns are affecting penguins. Has a penguin cam plus video and lots of images.
   Penguin Video
Online video of penguins

More Adelie Penguin Research Links

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